Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

My answer to this week’s Mind the GapDoes watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world is “maybe, but crazy people will always find something to inspire them”. People nowadays have this kind of habit on replicating what they are seeing in their surroundings – movies included. Before, I always think it’s only the kids which have this tendency to mimic what they see often but then it changed my mind when I saw mature people also doing the same thing as kids do and it made me say to my mind “hey, are these people crazy?”. We know what’s right and wrong but there are times that due to several reasons, we do things the wrong way. I think violence in movies may also contribute to man’s actions. We may or may not admit it but we ourselves sometimes wish we can do what we see may it be good or bad at some point in our lives.

Depression is also one of the reason why we forget what we should and should not do. It can lead us to doing things we saw in the past (e.g. violence done in movies). These movies may even inspire those people to fulfill what they think will help them release their depression or make them feel that they are being noticed.But then again, crazy people will always find some things to inspire them. Not only movies but also books, magazines, and even a simple blog can inspire a person to do things may it be good or bad or whether it’s’ the right or wrong thing. Anyway, a person will not know if an action is good or bad as long as this action will help them and make them feel relieved.

A person’s mind is really hard to understand, after all, these violence in movies are all fruits of a man’s imagination. That’s why maybe even without it being shown in movies, man will still be able to think of doing such act in real life. We, humans are very creative when it comes to imaginative thinking. We’re able to materialize things from our imagination that’s why we always find new ways to inspire us. I’m not an expert but this is my opinion towards this kind of thing. At the end of the day, our opinions may still vary and it will be up to us what we’ll believe in. 🙂


Missed Opportunity

Today was supposed to be my interview for my ‘so-called’ dream.Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come because of my duty in my present job. Regrets, regrets and a BIG regret occupied my mind. It kept bugging me even in my sleep but then again, what’s done and what’s not done can never be changed. Responsibility over want. That’s reality. “You don’t always get what you want” as they quote it. Though it may take hundred tries again before I get near my dream, this experience taught me one good lesson..”Don’t commit if you can’t comply with the expectations attached to it”. Great timing comes in every opportunity laid to us so we have to be careful in making any commitments ‘coz we might end up losing it even before it started. *sigh* A missed opportunity will always be a missed one but I’m still positive that learning from these mistakes will turn us into better persons. As the saying goes, “tomorrow is another day!” 🙂


It’s everywhere. In the house, school, office, building, streets name it! You’ll find it anytime, whenever you’re asleep, working or just by sitting with a cup of coffee in hand. Happiness is something which can never be bought with money. It’s something that we ourselves create.

There are times when some people may not be able to find it not because it cannot be found but because they’re trying to look for it in the wrong places. Satisfaction contributes a bid part of this feeling. Sometimes we mistake real happiness from getting what we want through other’s suffering. Happiness does not work that way. How can you be happy knowing that someone is crying at the corner of your happy life? People tend to step on others just to fulfill their so-called ‘happiness’. But even if they were able to get it, at the end of the day, this kind of happiness will never last. It may be there for an hour, a day or even a month but for sure this will not last long. Happiness is being contented with what you have. Appreciating every blessing even the trials that come your way. It’s being happy with small things which you can get from your day to day travel in this temporary world. It’s like sharing some time with a family member, a friend or even your pet.Happiness is a feeling which have different meanings, different understanding from different people.

You don’t have to go to places just to find it as it’s already within your reach. You just have to open your eyes to see it. So next time you’re sad, just think how lucky you are with what you have. Some people may not be as lucky as you are so don’t waste your time wearing that frown on your face. Cheer up! Life is great and it will always be. 🙂


Pangarap. Ang dami natin n’yan. Magandang bahay, successful na trabaho, mataas na sahod, masayang pamilya, in short, gusto natin ng perpektong buhay. Yan ang pangarap ko, at ng bawat isa satin, aminin man natin ito o hindi. Subalit ano nga ba talaga ang pangarap? Ito ba yung isang bagay na nasa isipan lang natin na kahit kailan e hindi magiging totoo? Masayang mangarap. Ito lang kasi ‘yung libre, pwede mong gawin kahit anong oras at higit sa lahat walang expiration date. Lahat tayo may pangarap, pero hindi lahat nagagawang totoo ang mga ito. Sabi nila, ‘pag may determinasyon daw makukuha mo daw ‘yung ‘pangarap’ mo. Sabi ko naman, kung determinasyon lang din madami ako n’yan pero hindi lang kasi ito ang kailangan. Utak, Lakas ng loob at kadalasan pera din ang ilan sa mga kailangan mo para matupad ito. Sa madaling salita, hindi lang talaga determinsyon ang maghahatid sa’yo sa iyong pangarap. Hindi ganun kadali makuha ‘yung bagay na pinapangarap mo. Minsan may mga bagay din na sadyang hindi lang talaga laan para sa’tin kaya kahit anong ‘determinasyon’ meron ka, hindi mo parin makuha-kuha. Minsan naman, hanap ka ng hanap sa mga lugar na hindi mo naman ‘yun makikita. Nasa harap mo na ‘yung pangarap mo, hindi mo pa makita kasi nakafocus ka sa ibang bagay. Nilalapitan ka na, ikaw pa ‘tong tumatakbo palayo. Minsan kasi akala natin eto na ‘yung kailangan natin, ‘yung magpapasaya satin pero hindi pala. Sa oras na malaman mong hindi pala eto ‘yung kailangan mo, nakalagpas na sa’yo ‘yung pangarap na nasa harap mo lang dati. Mahirap din palang mangarap. Kasi ito ‘yung nagiging dahilan mo kung paano ka mabubuhay, ‘yung bubuo sa kung anong klaseng tao ka man ngayon at kung anong magiging ‘ikaw’ sa hinaharap. Ako, hindi ko pa talaga alam kung ano ba talagang gusto ko sa buhay. Pero umaasa akong sooner or later, makikita ko rin ang ‘pangarap’ ko at ‘pag nangyari ‘yun, sigurado akong masasabi ko nang totoo ang pangarap. 🙂