Missed Opportunity

Today was supposed to be my interview for my ‘so-called’ dream.Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come because of my duty in my present job. Regrets, regrets and a BIG regret occupied my mind. It kept bugging me even in my sleep but then again, what’s done and what’s not done can never be changed. Responsibility over want. That’s reality. “You don’t always get what you want” as they quote it. Though it may take hundred tries again before I get near my dream, this experience taught me one good lesson..”Don’t commit if you can’t comply with the expectations attached to it”. Great timing comes in every opportunity laid to us so we have to be careful in making any commitments ‘coz we might end up losing it even before it started. *sigh* A missed opportunity will always be a missed one but I’m still positive that learning from these mistakes will turn us into better persons. As the saying goes, “tomorrow is another day!” 🙂


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