Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

My answer to this week’s Mind the GapDoes watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world is “maybe, but crazy people will always find something to inspire them”. People nowadays have this kind of habit on replicating what they are seeing in their surroundings – movies included. Before, I always think it’s only the kids which have this tendency to mimic what they see often but then it changed my mind when I saw mature people also doing the same thing as kids do and it made me say to my mind “hey, are these people crazy?”. We know what’s right and wrong but there are times that due to several reasons, we do things the wrong way. I think violence in movies may also contribute to man’s actions. We may or may not admit it but we ourselves sometimes wish we can do what we see may it be good or bad at some point in our lives.

Depression is also one of the reason why we forget what we should and should not do. It can lead us to doing things we saw in the past (e.g. violence done in movies). These movies may even inspire those people to fulfill what they think will help them release their depression or make them feel that they are being noticed.But then again, crazy people will always find some things to inspire them. Not only movies but also books, magazines, and even a simple blog can inspire a person to do things may it be good or bad or whether it’s’ the right or wrong thing. Anyway, a person will not know if an action is good or bad as long as this action will help them and make them feel relieved.

A person’s mind is really hard to understand, after all, these violence in movies are all fruits of a man’s imagination. That’s why maybe even without it being shown in movies, man will still be able to think of doing such act in real life. We, humans are very creative when it comes to imaginative thinking. We’re able to materialize things from our imagination that’s why we always find new ways to inspire us. I’m not an expert but this is my opinion towards this kind of thing. At the end of the day, our opinions may still vary and it will be up to us what we’ll believe in. 🙂


One thought on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

  1. we learn, we see, we imitate. show a one year old something, watch them imitate you, curse a few times, listen to them fuck with you, watch a politician help himself to the state coffers, watch those below him do the same, violence encourages violence, the image in your head is real, you have it stored inside. the men and women who went to war, came home disturbed. highest rate of suicide in the world, war vets from Iraq. Violence begets violence, and love that is real, moves hearts, who do you want to be! if you need help
    or are having problems you need solving, read the blog, paddypicasso , it’s all there.

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