The first hour

The first hour where my 25th year of existence ended and my 26th began. The day I’ve set myself to make few changes. It’s been a while since I’ve last wrote something about myself — on what I’m thinking and what I want in my life. Normally, I’ll only say it in my prayers or with my friends. After telling what’s on my mind: plans, happiness, even the bad things I’ve thought about others, I’ve finally realized what kind of person I’ve become. These past few years seems like a combination of fun and struggle. Well.. what’s new? Everyone faces these kind things daily. What have I become? If I will reflect on what I’ve done and thought, I think I can say that I’m getting worst. I learned to say bad things to others and even get mad on small things. That’s not me but then, I take responsibility on my actions. I hope I can still change and become a better person. It’s kind of hard to be good but I’ll do my best. I hope I can express myself more to everyone and have a little more confidence but not so much that I’ll become boastful. I wish I will meet more friends. Real friends whom I can be without any pretentions. That I can be of help to my family and anyone who needs it is my biggest dream. I’m hoping that this year can be a productive and happier year for me and my loved ones. A year full of knowledge, love and peace is my wish on my only one special day.